Entry #1

Hi guys

2017-02-14 20:57:45 by Razorrekker

How's everyone doing? 

Nothing special, just wondering how you guys are doing.


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2017-02-14 21:22:00

All fine

Razorrekker responds:

That's cool, I hope it continues to go that way!


2017-03-24 19:41:49

Pretty meh. My music is getting better, but my audience declined due to creativity block :/

Razorrekker responds:

Aw man, sorry to hear about the audience decline.
Good to hear about the music though!


2017-07-05 15:35:13

とても良い! (Very Good)

Razorrekker responds:

Well that's good :D


2017-08-04 15:10:44

Quite well, quite well. Released my second track a couple days ago, and my third one is already about 70% done.

Razorrekker responds:

Nice! Good luck with that!


2017-08-09 11:12:57

Cool and good

Razorrekker responds:

Nice to hear!


2017-08-18 11:29:25

Ah good question.

Now you see, i woke up this morning and i felt hungry, i opened the oven and i saw my cat there.
I dont have any cat.
So i cried, and then i took a shower and when i took that i went down to the bedroom cause my girlfriend called me.
I dont have any girlfriend.
So i cried, and then i was there but not really cause i really wanted some food but then my phone died really hard cause he was pretty damn sick and all of this is going to be in the party tonight with my friends there.
I dont have any party.
Or friends.
So i cried.

And yea, thats all.
Im pretty damn good, how about you? xD

Razorrekker responds:

Man, that's sad
get yourself a cat, a girlfriend (they're pretty good imo :P), and some friends (those are pretty damn good too man).
You do seem to have an oven
I want cookies :>